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26 May 2010

De-Brief De-Layed

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I have been inundated with comments from my large group of loyal readers that I never posted pix from Ignored Southern African Country. I had a good trip for professional reasons, and I enjoyed exploring the capital area…I do regret that I was unable to get out to more picturesque/fun regions of the country, but I now know how to do that should I visit again. OK on to the pix:

Zebra steak was probably my favorite – tender, juicy, awesome grill taste, perfect with a good beer!

I went on two short one-day safaris: saw rhinos, giraffes, springbok, gemsbok, etc. on the first; cheetahs, lions, and a leopard on the second

A beautiful sunset from the second safari

5 April 2010


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A friend turned me on to this site:  Indexed

2 November 2009

A Blog Post is Born

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Actual conversation with my middle-school-aged son tonight:

The Boy: What’s that you’re typing on Facebook, Dad? What? Whaddya mean I’m contrarian like you — I’m not contrarian!

Me: Okaaaa-hahahahahahaha!

The Boy: I’m not contrarian! I’m NOT contrarian! I’m not contrarian!

Me: Hahahahahahah snort hahahahahaha!

The Boy: I’m NOT contrarian! I’m not contrarian!

Me: Hahahahahaha, do you even get why I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying?

The Boy: I’m not contrarian! I’m not contrarian! I’m not contrarian!

Me: Hahahahahahaha omygod I might pee in my pants hahahahahaha gifted & talented huh? hahahahahaha!

[some of you might recall my Contrarian post]

21 October 2009

But I’m Not Che Guevara

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I’ve been catching a small amount of tongue-in-cheek joking from friends about how it is that I’m able to post tourist-y pictures, seeing as how I’m on a business trip to Interesting Andean Country. The answer is that I practice Guerrilla Tourism.

I have a small $40 Vivitar point/shoot camera with me on this trip, which I keep in an outer pocket of my briefcase or sometimes an interior suit coat pocket; in the past, I carried disposable cameras. Whenever I’m walking to/from a meeting and come across something interesting, SNAP! take a picture. Sometimes I’ll have a couple hours on the day I arrive somewhere, so what I do is get a tourist map, scout out a reasonable path, and then off I go: cathedral (SNAP! check), medieval castle (SNAP! check), main square with beautiful fountain (SNAP! check), mountains/river/ocean/whatever natural beauty is nearby (SNAP! check). Voy-lah, travel pics!

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